Sunday, 30 December 2012

That Elusive Pot O' Gold

That Pot O' Gold!
 The Pot O' Gold

Sometimes life can be quite challenging 'on farm', and when you buy a place such as our 'Pikey's Pocket' that is, hmm, let's just say a little in need of repair, well the list is long.

It is what it is..

Most of you could give a suggestion or two to help.

Such as 'make better choices'

And I would thank you politely. 

Many of the 'tricky' farming world factors are not a choice. Such as the current financial circumstances regarding the not-sale of cattle properties for example (if you want one just let me know, we have a spare!) 

The financial 'trickiness' that nips options such as get a contractor in the bud.  Ah, the list goes on.

Then of course there is that great, almighty factor.  The weather.  Yes we have droughts, followed by floods.  Ahh, sigh.  Yet then we have rainbows!  Beautiful, glorious rainbows!

On the day that this rainbow lit the sky in a majestic near dark glow of crimson and pinks there were plenty of challenges ...

I think we have already got the gold, it just isn't quite in a pot!
   ...  such as the car battery giving up when 'old mate' has just left for a week away at work and all the town in off celebrating Christmas and New Year.   Rice and potatoes, arts and crafts, can go a long way at a time like that! 

Or the hot water tap breaking so I can only have a cold shower, or a bath in the laundry sink with the kiddies!

Oh, and how that list goes on!   Yet here is this, beautiful gift at the end of a somewhat frustrating day.

I don't need that Pot O' Gold.  

Who needs one of those, when you have what I have here at 'Pikey's Pocket'


  1. Seems to me that what you have IS the pot of gold ... Booksfor

  2. Replies
    1. Aaarrggghhh life is soon interesting and challenging don't you think
      Nana grims

    2. Certainly is - makes me smile on the inside, somewhere besides the 'how the heck do I work this out?' place!!

  3. You have 3 pots of gold and Pikey's Pocket is a green rainbow, sometimes yellow, sometimes brown. You've shown me some of its special secrets and I can't wait to see more.

  4. Anon - I love love love your comment, you remind me of the things I know yet forget to think about. And inspire me to add a latest post - oh and the glorious mystery, who is this anon to whom I have shown my world!